Magnetizing power supply Type ES 3000V/3500V/4000V/4500V 

This device mounts the newest control circuit which enables to control
the discharge and charge voltage of super high voltage and corresponds
with high energy magnet easily.
This device is able to magnetize samarium-cobalt magnet and neodymium
magnet as well. This device can be also used for study of plasma,
superconductivity, movement of high magnetic field.
For magnetization of rare earth magnets
For motors of electric vehicle, large servomotor, sputter, linear servo motor,
Internalt permanent magnet motor etc

Type ES 2500V 

Upgraded the series of 1500V, this device mounts 2500V circuit and
achieves high performance, operability and safety in higher state.
This device is able to magnetize samarium-cobalt magnet and neodymium
magnet as well.
The external operation and high-tact specification are optional extras.
For magnetization of rare earth magnets For AC servo, HB/PM stepping,
clock movement, magnetron, focus actuator, various type of spindle
motor and so on.

Type ES 1500V 

Although its voltage is medium, it is changeable depending on users
needs as standard specification, for example, input power, capacitance
of a capacitor, number of output port and so on.
Safety, operability and capability of these devices are checked strictly
with the quality control system certificated by ISO.
The external operation is an optional extra.
For multi-pole magnetization of rare earth, ferrite and plastic magnets,
inner-pole magnetization of small size motors, VTR?PM stepping, flat motors,
magnet encoder and FG magnetize.

Type ES 1000V 

Type ES Ultra low impedance 

We redesigned inside of power circuit and lowered the impedance to the limit.
We achieved low-voltage and large-current mounting new circuit. This device
is effective for magnetizing the magnets for high HC of micro motor.
Magnetizing yoke will endure more because magnetizing time is shortened and
generating heat is lowered.
For magnetization of minor diameter, for example, CD, DVD, HDD spindle
motor, stepping motor and pager motor and for magnetization using ultra
fine coil and its turn is 1 or 2, in addition, needing large current.

Type HD 450V 

Yokes ands coils 

Please contact us for more information.

Super multi-pole magnetizing devices (Rotation / Liner) 

This device is for the micro pitch magnetization, for example, magnetic
encoder and FG magnet.
In addition to round magnet, it can also magnetize linearly on plate
magnets with the arrangements of magnetizing station.

Impulse meter PCM-202 

The best for measuring the current value of magnetization

Magnetic field generator 

Generating DC-AC magnetic field, this device is used for evaluating
magnetic materials and magnets.
Also, it is able to be used to cool down the magnetic field.

Power source Type CM  

This device is suitable for the trial experiment and study because
this can be used for both magnetizing and demagnetizing.
As a custom made, it also can be built the functions in to convert
capacitance of capacitor, to switch on and off the fly wheel diode and other.
For magnetization and demagnetization of rare earth, ferrite and plastic magnets
For trial experiment and study of magnets

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