Thread Gauging System
。Limit gauges for parallel screw threads
。Standard thread gauges
。Gauges for taper pipe threads R
。American standard taper pipe threads for general use
。Dryseal American Standard taper pipe threads(L1.L2.L3)
。Gauges for special applications
Plain Gauging System
。Limit gauges for holes(Limit gauges for holes of cemented carbide)
。Limit gauges for shafts(Limit gauges for shafts of cemented carbide)
。Master gauges(Master gauges of cemented carbide)
。Taper gauges
Test bars


Ball screw 。Finished shaft ends (kept in stock)
。Un-worked shaft ends (kept in stock)
。SUS (Stainless steel) Ball screw
。Other units
。Selection of Ball screw
。Floating unit for Ball screw (Custom-made)
Super miniature ball screw (Custom-made)
High speed ? quiet ball screw
。Inside return ball screw (Order production items)
Lead screw
。BAC lead screw (Custom-made)
。Various load screw (Custom-made)

Linear positioning table 

Linear positioning table (Custom-made)
Precision spindle unit (Custom-made)

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