Yoke-Type Demagnetizer(3-Pole) SY-5,SY-10,SY-20 

For materials in the form of ring(bearing race etc.)

DC Demagnetizer DDM-301,DDM-401 

For materials in the form of plate or usual materials

Low frequency demagnetizing UNIT LFD-050/100/200/300 

As the output frequency is adjustable from 0.1to 9.9Hz, the most suitable
frequency can be set to conveying speed of parts.
Small rippled rectangular output current wave creates low surface effect
magnetic field to permeate deep inside parts and demagnetize completely.
Secondary controlled demagnetizing output current provides stable
demagnetizing power without being affected by the voltage fluctuation
of primary power source.
Balance adjustment of + and – output allows the unit to demagnetize without
being affected by terrestrial magnetism and residual magnetism.
Not only running demagnetization at a constant output level but combination
of attenuation demagnetization with current attenuation and frequency
attenuation are available.
As any mechanism is not used for demagnetizing output system, the unit is
used almost maintenance-free without deterioration.
Inverter demagnetizing output control consumes less than half of electricity
as usual models consumes and realizes economical performance.
The unit is most suitable for large castings or forgings(steel materials,
billets) and complex shaped molds which are regarded impossible to be

Handy and high performance Gauss meter 

Measurement range : 30mT, 300mT, 3T (3 range)
Accuracy of main unit (constant temperature)
DC mode: (registered value) ±(2%+0.3%F/S+4 digit)
AC mode: (registered value) ±(4%+0.6%F/S+10 digit)
(AC continuance wave form)
Probe accuracy (constant temperature)
3%(registered number) / less or equal IT (T-301)

Power source CD-1500 / 2500 / 4000 

This device is a demagnetizing power source of oil capacitor.
It is able to be used as a specified machine for demagnetization.
It also can be built the circuit of attenuation and extension in for
higher demagnetizing performance as custom made devices.
For demagnetization of rare earth, ferrite and plastic magnets

Yoke-Type Demagnetizer(2-Pole) ST-20 

For materials in the form of plate or usual materials

Yoke-Type Demagnetizer(3-Pole) Y-5,Y-10,Y-20 

For use on conveyor.

EMIC Penetration Type 

Custom Designed also avilable:
Please feel free to cantact and discuss with us

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