Digital Model Air/Electronic Micrometer admec N 

Admec NIII and admec NII are high precision Air Micrometers with futher
developed advantages of admec regular model, which are compact and have
superior operation.
The basic two models-the NIII type which has high quality functions with
simple operation, and the NIItype which has advanced functions added to
NIII's ones like 2CH simultaneous measurement or operational function between
channels-are adaptable for a variety of optional functions to meet various
measuring needs.
Electronic Micrometers are also available.

Column Model Air Electronic Micrometer COLMEC(PAT.) 

The Column Model(bar graph type) Air Micrometer and Electronic
Micrometer ”COLMEC” is easy to use in production areas or
inspection rooms.
Two specifications, the Air Micrometer and Electronic Micrometer,
make various measurement possible.
In addition to the dimensions, profile, position, and runout of the
workpiece to be measured by multi-column combination can be quickly
and accurately obtained.
The cost performance is superior due to the one chip micro computer
system. Also, RS specification makes it possible to connect the computer.
The model name in this case comes “R” at the end(for example AE1R).

Programmable Air/Electronic Micrometer PLM 

PLM-1 utilizes sequential control and control panel feature, which
is most available equipment for controller of automatic measuring
machine, and PLM-2 is only for measuring feature.
PLM series can handle measuring system with max. of 4 points of
measurement(8 probes for Electronic Micrometer).
8 color LCD touch-panel displays measured value. colored OK/NG,
and many graphical display for easy reading and easy operation.

Digital Model Electronic Micrometer DIGIMEC 

DIGIMEC is a precision comparative measuring instrument that
electronically magnifies mechanical slight changed value, of which
value is displayed by digital or bar graph indication.
It has 1ch or 2ch spec. and can recognize not only dimension of
workpiece, but also profile, position or run out quickly and accurately.
Detector?Measuring Head : PGH-I , PGH-L

temperature Compensation System for Column and Bench Top Gages 

Corrects column gages and other bench top gages for effects of
temperature automatically and in real time.
Makes gages display results as if workpiece, master and gage were
constantly at the International Reference temperature, 68°F/20℃ (ISO 1)
Maintains gage R&R while temperatures vary.
Enhances gage correlation.
Promotes improvement in Cpk(process control).
Economically priced.
Available set up software and complete temperature compensation
instruction guide.

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