Media detector 

Complicated shaped alminum casting alloy parts use barreling and
needle-like avrasive. With high sensitive multi magnetic sensor
detect micro piece of iron (media) remaining inside of machineries.
Applicable evry products of nonmagnetic base material
Detecting micro iron balls and iron pieces remaining in alminum
casting alloy parts, and detecting magnetic substance mixed into
nonmagnetic material

Hardening depth meter 

It is designed to measure steel materials before and after hardening
and obtain the accurate result by calculating the hardened depth
without changing the internal composition of metals.
Lap of measuring is only 10 sec.!! Steel materials which are considered
to be useless untill now can be marketable.
To measure the hardened depth of seel materials without destructing
steel materials.

Weld tester 

It is designed to display the difference of welding, hardness,
quality and hardening clearly by catching the change of internal
composition of metals with 4-needle sensor.
To judge OK and NG of welding, hardness, quality and depth of hardening.

Nugget tester 

It is designed to compute nugget diameter electrically by touching
sensor to the welded part to see if it is welded or not. Eady measuring
without media for quality control.
To chech the nugget diameter of spot solvent without destructing
steel materials.

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